R & D

Design and installation of cleanrooms and critical areas for the R&D sector:

Valtria designs and installs cleanrooms and critical areas for the R+D sector guaranteeing the accuracy, safety and quality of its processes, products and services. They are necessary to meet regulatory requirements and quality standards in the industry as products and services in the R&D sector are subject to strict regulations and quality standards.We offer solutions for:

  • Nanotechnology.
    Cleanrooms class ISO 5 or higher for applications such as nanophotonics, nanobiotechnology... this involves careful planning of the layout of cleanroom components, selection of appropriate materials and equipment, and ongoing validation and maintenance to ensure the necessary levels of cleanliness.
  • Biochemical and biotechnological laboratory.
    Chemistry, biochemistry, pharmacology laboratory for research into new molecules and galenics.
  • Animal facilities: animal experimentation areas, SPF, transgenic or contaminated.
    These facilities are designed to provide a controlled and safe environment for the animals, ensuring the welfare and safety of the animals and the laboratory personnel working with them. SPF animals (specific pathogen free) are in a controlled environment and free of specific pathogens. Transgenic animals, on the other hand, are animals whose genetic material has been altered to study the impact of certain genes or to produce specific proteins.



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