Design and installation of cleanrooms and critical areas for High Technology:

Valtria designs and installs cleanrooms and critical areas for the high-tech industry, which are essential to limit contamination and protect the components manufactured there and to guarantee their quality. They are essential for the production of advanced technology. We offer solutions for different industries such as:

  • Electronics for automotive, defence, aerospace, semiconductor applications, etc.
    They require extremely rigorous environmental control of environmental pollution. This involves a combination of high-efficiency air filters, constant environmental monitoring, and strict clothing and cleaning protocols for personnel entering the cleanroom.
    Cleanrooms used for semiconductor manufacturing require an even higher level of contamination control, as microscopic particles can seriously affect the performance of the components produced. In addition, for aerospace and defence applications, additional humidity and temperature control is required to ensure components are reliable and function properly in extreme conditions.
  • Photovoltaic.
    Production of photovoltaic modules, silicon purification, wafers, thin film modules.
    This sector requires a design and installation of highly controlled cleanrooms, where cleanliness is essential to produce these materials. In the production of photovoltaic modules, cleanrooms are used to assemble critical components in a particle-free environment, ensuring that the modules are free of defects and function reliably throughout their entire lifespan. In addition, cleanrooms are used in the manufacture of thin film modules, which require a vacuum atmosphere to deposit very thin layers of materials.
  • Dry Rooms.
    Dry Rooms are perfectly insulated spaces from the outside equipped with a unique climate control system designed to maintain highly extreme environmental conditions.
    Inside the dry room, humidity is reduced to low levels (less than 0.01%), this is essential to carry out research in fields such as nanotechnology or with materials that depend on these conditions to preserve their properties and ensure accurate measurements. The construction of a dry room involves the installation of a sophisticated custom-designed air conditioning system that guarantees the maintenance of these special environmental conditions.Valtria designs and installs these complex facilities.
  • Micro-mechanics and optics also require careful cleanroom design and the selection of suitable materials and equipment to ensure the necessary cleanliness for the manufacture of high-precision components and devices.
  • Innovative materials, graphene, carbon fibre.
    These materials are extremely sensitive to environmental pollution and any particles in the air can significantly affect their properties so it is necessary to control the environment in which they are produced to avoid contamination and impurities which could affect quality and strength of the material.



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