Hospital & pharmacy

Design and installation of cleanrooms and critical areas for the Hospital sector

Valtria designs and installs cleanrooms and critical areas in the Hospital sector, essential to ensure and maintain a sterile and controlled environment to reduce the risk of infections, improve patient safety and ensure the quality of medical products. We offer solutions for:

  • Pharmacy service: cytostatics, radiopharmaceuticals, parenterals.
    Ensuring the safety and effectiveness of medicines handled, reducing the risk of contamination and exposure to hazardous substances, and protecting the health of patients and staff who handle them.
  • Highly aseptic operating rooms with or without laminar flow.
    Design and installation to maintain high standards of asepsis and minimize the presence of particles and micro-organisms that can compromise patient health and the success of surgical procedures.
  • Containment and sterile rooms: infectious, immunocompromised and burn patients.
    Creation of safe and controlled environments for infectious, immunocompromised, and burn patients, considering elements such as air filtration, temperature and humidity control, and strategic distribution of air supply and extraction systems. Design and installation of advanced air purification systems, access control, monitoring and alarms, and power backup systems to ensure uninterrupted operation of these critical areas. The goal is to provide a clean and safe environment that promotes effective recovery for patients and reduces the risks of infection.
  • Cell culture laboratories, biosafety.
    Design and installation of controlled environments for the manipulation and study of cells and living organisms. These areas meet strict biosafety and contamination control standards. Aspects such as air filtration, laminar flow, sterilization, safe handling of biological materials and access control are considered. In addition, monitoring and alarm systems are installed to ensure the safety and protection of personnel and cell cultures. The aim is to provide an enabling environment for research and development of cellular and biomedical therapies, minimizing contamination risks and ensuring the integrity of experiments and results.
  • Sterilization services. 
    Create controlled, contamination-free environments to ensure effective sterilization of medical equipment and supplies. These areas comply with rigorous quality control and biosafety standards and protocols. Aspects such as air filtration, temperature and humidity control, proper distribution of equipment and restricted access are considered. In addition, monitoring and alarm systems are installed to ensure the effectiveness of sterilization processes and medical instruments, ensuring the health and well-being of patients and medical staff.



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