Valtria Swiss participates in the great IQM Project

Published JANUARY 2022  -  CLEANROOMS

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VALTRIA SWISS AG has carried out in Espoo, Finland  the execution of the a new clean room facility in IQM (an innovative leader of quantum technology) which include production facility, office and support functions.

By the production facilities has been built clean rooms in accordance with ISO 14644 - 1 classification 5– 7 with a total surface of 560 m2, where Valtria Swiss AG was selected as the supplier from IQM side.

Valtria Swiss AG delivered on turnkey basis, consisting of special cleanroom walls, doors, windows, raised flooring, ceiling structures, supply and exhaust air ventilation, Filter Fan units, electricity, lighting, automation, process gases, sanitary, heating, cooling, process cooling, compressed air, smoke exhaust, fire alarm system and measurements.

Planning started middle of October 2020 and the cleanroom has handed over to IQM in September 2021.

The Scandinavian team of Valtria Swiss AG would like to thank for the received trust, where in addition to its decades of experience, its Finnish local operations play a significant role a strong subcontracting network with a long-term partnership, guaranteeing to be local close to the customer and the seamless cooperation with local authorities.

IQM Fabrication Facility Opening Event was hold at 11.11.2021.

It was a pleasure and honor to be involved in this unique project and to build the future with IQM.

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