Valtria, new partner of AseBio!

Published APRIL 2022  -  PHARMA

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We are pleased to inform you that, as of today 4th April, we are part of the AseBio family (Spanish Association of Biocompanies), the association of national companies, multinational companies, start-ups, universities, research organisations, technology parks and foundations of reference in the biotechnology sector in Spain. We are confident that we will strengthen our role in the sector with our presence in the Association, which is the main national and international interlocutor and meeting point for Life Science companies.

 AseBio currently has more than 284 members, among them, more than 200 are SMEs, many of them born from universities and public research centres, which develop biotechnological products and services. Partners also include companies from user sectors, technology and R&D centres. Of these, 65.5% are in healthcare biotechnology, 38.5% in professional services and R&D, almost 15% in agri-food and 16.5% in industry.

 On the one hand, the Association generates important networks of collaboration between associates, trying to help companies look for investment partners, suppliers, clients or partners to start up projects. In this way, we are included in a platform for knowledge generation and collaboration between companies that create innovative projects in the country.

 On the other hand, it collaborates closely with regional, national and European administrations, as well as with all those social organisations committed to science and the use of biotechnology to improve people's quality of life, the sustainability of the planet, economic development and the generation of high added value employment.


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