New drying tunnel for B.Braun for fast and efficient drying of infusion bottles

Published JANUARY 2023  -  PHARMA

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For the new B. Braun1 Ecoflac-Plus® infusion bottle production plant, the management demanded, among many other criteria, an optimisation of the process duration, a short application phase and a significant reduction of the operating costs for the drying of the bottles between the sterilisation autoclave and their labelling.

Following a thorough evaluation, Valtria's new drying tunnel delivered great performance, with a drying time of less than two hours and a capacity of nine pallets (36,000 bottles) per batch, as well as significantly lower energy consumption thanks to its highly efficient drying principle.

The comprehensive and modular design of the system enabled the first commissioning to be carried out in the factory. In the course of the EAF, the dryer was extensively tested with the participation of the B.Braun project team, and at the same time around 80% of the IQ and OQ function tests were successfully carried out.


Thanks to its «plug & play» construction, most of the new drying tunnel is delivered in client-compatible modules ready for use.

Just four weeks after the start of installation work at the B.Braun plant, qualification was completed on schedule and the system was handed over to the client.

In view of the increasing demand for flexibility, scalability, efficiency and, of course, quality in production processes, the planning and integration of new systems requires not only excellent technical competence, but also a profound knowledge of the specific processes and regulations.

The comprehensive and modular concept of the new Valtria drying tunnel ensures maximum scalability, flexible adaptation and swift integration into customer-specific production processes.


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