How to choose the right cleanroom for your business

Published APRIL 2023  -  CLEANROOMS

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To choose a suitable cleanroom it is necessary to know the operational needs of the business and its standards in order to precisely define the quality standards to be managed.
Therefore, it is important to carry out a planning process, in which all uses and requirements are considered. In addition to local conditions.
In order to adapt this controlled area to the operational environment of the business in a satisfactory way.
It is for this reason, that we are going to show you 6 key factors to choose a suitable clean room.


Analyze the needs of the business

The design and implementation of a suitable clean room must be subject to a critical analysis, where the following aspects are taken into account:

  • Industry sector of application.
  • Business operating environment.
  • Current regulations and normative criteria.
  • Investment and operating costs.
  • Number of personnel involved.
  • Dimensions and available areas.

In this way it is possible to adapt the technical requirements of these controlled spaces to the demands of the business.
Without neglecting compliance with regulations and the evaluation of costs and efforts.


Defining the right cleanroom requirements

Depending on the cleanroom application and the needs of the business, it is necessary to define the requirements of this space.
For this purpose, current regulatory criteria, such as DIN EN ISO 14644-1, for example, must be taken into account. This describes the classification of air cleanliness.
This is in relation to the concentration of suspended particles and the dimensions are defined in a range from 0.1 to 5 microns.
This will depend on the intended use and the type of business.  That is, the processes and the amount of particles allowed in the manufacturing area.
On the other hand, in the pharmaceutical industry, the GMP guidelines are also considered. Where the particle size criteria are set out, as well as the maximum bacterial load allowed.


Selecting an appropriate ventilation system

The selection of an appropriate ventilation system is linked to the air cleanliness classification.
In fact, regardless of the type of application, the air flow must be designed to avoid particulate deposition at critical points.
Also, devices to control temperature and humidity should be considered in air conditioning equipment.
In order to monitor environmental parameters, as well as to comply with regulatory standards. 


Choosing the right materials and clean room accesses

For ceilings, walls and floor of the clean room suitable, it is required to choose materials with quality suitable for this use. 
That is, they should be easy to clean and resistant to chemicals that may be contained in the cleaning agents.
On the other hand, it is also necessary to determine the type of access to the cleanroom according to regulatory criteria.
In general, these controlled spaces use airlocks with different cleaning classes. This will depend on the sector and the intended use.


Evaluate the furniture to be used and the protective clothing of personnel

As a basic instruction, cleanroom seating surfaces should be abrasion resistant.
Tables and furniture should consider materials such as stainless steel, melamine coating or various types of plastics.
In addition, it is necessary to choose the right protective clothing for the staff, as this is the biggest risk of contamination.
Whose specifications are related to the particle cleanliness class of the room. 


Establishing proper cleanroom cleaning and maintenance protocols

The proper functioning of a cleanroom is related to the quality of hygiene and preservation measures.
Therefore, it is necessary to plan regular cleaning and maintenance cycles. This will go hand in hand with the processes and the type of air cleanliness.
All this, in order to ensure that the controlled space has minimum levels of contamination. According to the standards and permissible limits under the norm.
In addition, to keep the facility in good condition, prevent degradation and maintain the design criteria.
Undoubtedly, choosing the right cleanroom requires technical expertise and specialized solutions. With the objective of adapting to the operating environment and business needs.


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