Valtria apoya a AEFI

Valtria, partner company in the 35º SAPI’s Symposium

Valtria, company specialized in the engineering and installation of cleanrooms and critical environments, will collaborate in the 35th Anual Symposium of the Spanish Association of the Pharmaceutical Industry(AEFI). Taking part on this event, we want to show our compromise with the bipharmaceutical industry in Spain.

This Symposium will take placed in Barcelone, the 12th and 13th of May. There we will talk about key items such as the innovation, the research, new applications of the technological advances, management of the licenses…etc.

Those who attend the Symposium will find lastest projects of Valtria’s information on their bags.

We look forward to seein you!

For further information about AEFI’s Symposium 2015, click here.