Instalaciones y equipo Valtria

Valtria signs new contracts in the APIs sector

Valtria reaffirms its presence as an expert in engineering and installation in the development of facilities in the APIs sector. After signing the contract with Ercros for the extension of the building for the purification of fosfomycin in its production centre in Aranjuez, Valtria signs contracts to expand the APIs production areas of Crystal Pharma in Valladolid and Malta, for the expansion of the Bemiparina production area of Rovi in Granada, and for the extension of building 15 of Hovione in Portugal and for Uquifa and Gentec in the Barcelona area. The last of these was the subject of a presentation at the annual meeting of the members of ISPE on containment solutions (“Categorisation of Active Products”), by Mario Nahra from the engineering company IPB and Joan Amor, Technical Manager at Pharmanoid, part of the Gentec group. The new contracts signed by Valtria are a testimony to the know-how acquired over more than 25 years of operation, both in the construction of cleanrooms and also critical facilities (water, steam, CIP/SIP) for the manufacture of APIs and the handling of toxic and explosive products. Image © ERCROS