Edificio y exteriores Ercros

Cleanrooms in the Ercros-Aranjuez plant

Valtria, a company specialising in the engineering and installation of cleanrooms and critical areas, starts the construction of the new building and cleanrooms where the purification of the fosfomycin that Ercros produces in its plant at Aranjuez is carried out.
In this project, Valtria will be responsible for constructing a new building for the installation of the equipment for the purification process, from the filtration to the drying and sterile packaging of the fosfomycin, as well as all the services (PW, AC …) and validation of the new production area and cleanrooms.
Ercros is the third largest producer of fosfomycin worldwide and the second largest in Europe. Fosfomycin is an active ingredient discovered in Spain in 1969, from soil samples from the province of Alicante. The discovery of the product was the result of collaboration between the Spanish Company of Penicillin and Antibiotics, the origin of the Pharmaceuticals Division of Ercros, and the American company MSDS.
It was initially produced by fermentation, but due to its small size it was later possible to achieve synthesis. It has a small but unique structure, which the basis of its therapeutic activity. It diffuses through virtually all liquids and organic tissues. It is used for the production of broad-spectrum antibiotics and is practically non-toxic, so it can be used in high doses, with specific uses to combat hospital infections and severe infections of the urinary tract and genitals caused by susceptible microorganisms. It also has applications in veterinary medicine. Image © ERCROS