Design and installation of cleanrooms and critical areas for the biosecurity sector:
  • Laboratories for research with class 2, 3 and 4 pathogens (bacteriology and virology).
  • Large-scale production of vaccines or class 2, 3 and 4 pathogenic biological products.).

Projects in this sector

  • (Español) Vicente Peris

    (Español) Se realiza instalación de climatización y extracción de aire de las zonas de producción de la planta, con salas clasificadas, en ISO 7 e ISO 8. [...]

  • Gentec

    Implementation of high containment facilities for the production of HAPIs, differentiating the Analysis zone, with R&D and quality control, and the Kilo [...]

  • ERN

    The project involves the installation of a new aerosol production area of 1,100 m², with the manufacturing area of the reactors, primary packaging and [...]

  • Parc Científic de Barcelona: PIAAL

    Design, engineering, construction and qualification of an animal experimentation area (GMO, with SPF zone) for the Parc Científic de Barcelona (PCB), an [...]

  • Parc Científic de Barcelona

    The project represents one of the most important installations of R&D laboratories in the field of health sciences in Europe, with over 29,000 m², [...]

  • Ercros

    The installation has been carried out with a global scope, from the civil engineering works to the processing equipment (equipment for the crystallisation, [...]